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The broken rock crusher efficient six characteristics

Rock crusher is a relatively fast development of crushing equipment, should users cement, building materials, coal and chemical industry as well as beneficiation and other industrial sectors, rock crusher application so widely mainly because it has six important characteristics:

(1) broken than great. Usually crusher crushing ratio does not exceed 10, while the rock crusher's crushing ratio is generally 30 to 40, up to 150. Therefore, the current use of the three-stage crushing process, such as a paragraph or two rock crusher can be completed, and thus greatly simplifies the production process, the investment costs savings.
(2) crushing, high efficiency, and low power consumption. General ore impact strength is much smaller than the compressive strength, the same time, the ore by blow board the high-speed and multiple impact, ore interface along the joints and organizations vulnerable places first strike crack, so this class crusher crusher, high efficiency, and low power consumption.
(3) uniform particle size, the less over crushed phenomenon. This crusher is the use of the kinetic energy of the crushed ore, while the size of each ore having a kinetic energy of the ore is proportional to the mass. Thus, in the milling process, the large pieces of ore by a greater degree of crushing, but the smaller particles of the ore, under certain conditions is not to be broken, so crushed product particle size uniformity less over crushed phenomenon.
(4) can be selectively broken. In the the impact crushing process, useful minerals and gangue first rupture along the joint plane, in order to facilitate useful minerals monomer separation, especially for coarse-grained disseminated useful minerals (tungsten ore), which is more significant.
(5) adaptability. This crusher crushing brittle, fibrous and following hard ore, particularly suitable for the limestone and other brittle ore crushing, therefore, cement and chemical industry uses rock crusher is very appropriate.
(6) Equipment small size, light weight, simple structure, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance.

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