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HOW TO WORK PF Series Rock Crusher use impact energy to crush materials. When the Rock Crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the Rock Crusher with high speed.
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The difference between odd and even rotor of the rock crusher

Many types of rock crusher , but can be categorized into two types of single rotor and double rotor rock crusher .

Rock crusher crushing chamber , so that the material activities and take full advantage of the shock effect , the role of the board hammer , the material impact to the counter plate . Hammer crusher crushing chamber , hammer combat is mainly affected by the broken material . Rock crusher plate hammer is engaged the material from the bottom up and thrown into a counterattack board , hammer crusher hammer along the direction of the material to combat materials .


The single- rotor rock crusher is divided into single - rotor rotation reversible and irreversible rotation of two , the entire board was divided whether the average . The double rotor rock crusher, according to the different direction of rotation of the rotor , the two rotors rotate in the same direction , opposite rotation and reverse rotation of the three .


Two rotors with rotating double rotor impact , the equivalent of two single rotor rock crusher used in tandem to simultaneously complete the coarse, medium and fine crushing job crushing ratio, uniform particle size , high production capacity , but the high power consumption . The crusher can reduce the number of broken segments , simplifying the production process .


Two rotor reverse rotation of the rock crusher , rock crusher parallel equivalent of two single rotor , high production capacity, larger pieces of material can be broken , as a large coarse , broken in use .


The two rotors opposite rotating rock crusher , which mainly use the mutual impact of two rotor material thrown broken , so broken than large, metal wear less .

Rock crusher model representation to illustrate : PFY-1214, PF impact crusher , if the front label 2 dual-rotor , single- rotor is not marked ; behind the Y for hard rock , Q is the vortex ; the dash behind 12 for the rotor the percentage of the diameter 14 is the percentage of the length of the rotor , the unit is mm. Called the single rotor 1200 × 1400 hard rock rock crusher .


Hammer crusher , rock crusher main difference : rock crusher board hammer rotor is rigidly attached to the use of the entire rotor inertia impact materials , so that the material not only been broken but for a larger velocity and kinetic energy . Hammer crusher hammer rotor is hinged , so it is only a single hammer material against crushing materials , materials obtained velocity and kinetic energy smaller .


The rock crusher Usually no grate bars , product size is controlled by the gap between the speed of the hammer plate , and a counter plate or both of the entire board to Hammer Crusher lower grate ( whether grate also reversible hammer crusher ) crushing discharged through the sieve .

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