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About Rock Crusher PF Series Rock Crusher is a new product that absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad.This Series equipment can crusher material which max...
HOW TO WORK PF Series Rock Crusher use impact energy to crush materials. When the Rock Crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the Rock Crusher with high speed.
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Yifan Machinery introduced a new type of rock crusher crushing equipment market selling

What is the new new rock crusher ? The new rock crusher have those features ?

New rock crusher is an efficient and safe energy-efficient rock crushing and screening equipment , big crushing ratio , crushing , high efficiency, easy maintenance , the product was cube is ideal for high-level road surface and hydropower construction aggregate processing equipment . The main working parts of the new rock crusher rotor and hammer , the shock of the feed block material by high-speed rotating hammer broken .

New Rock crusher works

Driven by the motor , the rotor high-speed rotation of the material into the active area of the plate hammer , impact crusher board hammer on the rotor , and then was thrown to the counter-attack on the device again broken , and then from the counterattack liner bounced back to the board hammer the active region is re- broken , this process is repeated , the material descending into one , two, three , repeated crushing counterattack cavity , until the material to be broken to the required size from the discharge port .

New Rock crusher range

[1]、The broken equipment can not deal with particle size greater than 500 mm , the compressive strength of various materials does not exceed 360 MPa . Rock crusher for its outstanding performance and good performance in the field of highway construction , hydraulic engineering and construction gravel processing application .

[2]、New rock crusher many different types of classification of the structure and operating characteristics of the rotor and hammer .

[3]、The number of the rotor can be divided into uniaxial , biaxial , single rotor , double rotor .

[4]、The arrangement of the hammer , hammer the number of rows can be divided into single row , multiple row (axial direction ) , the latter the hammerhead distribution in several rotation plane .

[5]、According to the direction of rotation of the rotor is divided into one-way irreversible and reversible two categories . Reversible turn to the two feed inlet , a change regularly , the hammer may have two broken surface .

[6]、Hammerhead fixed : Fixed Hammer ( fine crusher or hammer mill ), hammer (used ) fixed hammer machine is mainly used for crushing and grinding of soft materials , known as the hammer mill for grinding .

Application characteristics of the new rock crusher

[1]、The structure is simple , compact, easy operation and maintenance .
[2]、Uniform particle size , had crushed small, small sieve .

[3]、Sieve gap is easy to plug in the broken water larger materials need to be regularly cleaned .

[4]、Hammer , crack down on board requiring regular maintenance or replacement , hammer replacement , regulating balance .

[5]、New rock crusher impact and carrot mill stripping the role of the crushed material , high crushing efficiency , the unit power consumption , large production capacity . Product particles mostly cuboidal .

[6]、Suitable for machining brittle and medium can be broken materials , processing should not be hard to pieces , viscoplasticity , wet materials . Broken sticky and wet materials , prone to clogging the grate bar screen , when the material moisture content over 15 % production capacity is greatly reduced .
[7]、New rock crusher the crushing of the material is high and can be used for rough broken , broken , broken bits of broken machines , a new rock crusher can be equivalent to the rough broken broken broken broken machine or crushed crusher crushing crusher two crushers used in tandem . Crusher available to 10mm product size . Coarse crushed material feed size up to 2500mm, the feed size is generally 500 ~ 600mm , you can get the product particle size between 25 ~ 35mm , crushing ratio is about 20 .

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