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Cobbled sand and gravel crushing production line configuration techniques Raiders

Pebbles as the hardest kind of sand and gravel aggregate raw materials, crusher wear parts very serious loss, crushing plant crushing it spent a huge cost. Then currently on the market, what kind of sand and gravel crushing production line units more economical processing pebbles, efficient and cost-effective it? Order to improve the company's overall production skills crushing plant crushing plant to bring more benefits to promote the rapid development of sand and gravel industry professional sand and gravel crushing production line design and configuration of large manufacturers

Zhengzhou Yifan sand and gravel business projects to do the following recommendations:
First, the best use of the pressure crushing principle crusher equipment

For high hardness cobblestone, the pressure crushing principle crusher equipment is the most appropriate, can greatly reduce the wear parts wear and the life of the machine, the principle of the general laminated crushing equipment: jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher machine, cone crusher, and finally through the sand making machine will be able to meet the size requirements Aggregates. Conversely, if the crusher will inevitably lead to a back-breaking loss of plate hammer is high, the board hammer short-lived, and a higher proportion of anti-material, worthy of the attention of manufacturers and customers.

Second, pebble crushing cone crusher as secondary crushing equipment can improve the long-term benefits

This is more difficult to like river pebbles broken stone materials, the best crushing device configuration process is: first cracker primary crushing, then into the cone crusher for secondary crushing, so that the particle size of 40-50mm, and then into the Sand stone impact crusher (usually) the third-stage crushing, so produced is 0-5mm of mechanism sand or gravel products, if there is a grain of stone not meet the requirements, these stone through the closed-loop system to re-enter the sand making machine sand making.

Cone crusher relative to other laminated crusher investment cost is higher, but for long-term operation STONE QUARRY, cone crusher in the long run will be more stable performance and better crushing effect reduce the overall cost of production. Zhengzhou Yifan Symons cone crusher is to learn the traditional spring cone crusher advantages favorite performance advantage to win the market. The crushing chamber is divided into standard, medium-sized, short head type three, according to the requirements of the particle size stones to choose a different cavity.

Third, if the investment budget is small, can be fine jaw crusher as secondary crushing equipment, can also achieve expected results

The thin jaw crusher with respect to cone crusher investment cost is low, the device can replace cone crusher as secondary crushing equipment pebbles sand and gravel crushing production line. But pay attention to the big brands, big manufacturers have to choose to avoid because of the quality of the equipment in the late causing unnecessary economic losses and a series of troubles.

Fourth, we must choose high-wear spare parts, or more harm than good

Cobblestone hard, demanding to wear spare parts, such as the jaw, dental plate, rolling acetabular wall, if these wear parts life is too short, it will cause too frequent to replace, reduce the service life of the machine, increasing maintenance equipment maintenance time, reduced effectiveness and other issues. Zhengzhou Yifan independent research and development to produce a number of new composite material casting jaw, dental plate, cone crusher bowl liner and other accessories, greatly improved wear parts technology content, win Jiangsu, Guangdong and other parts of crushing plant sought after.

Zhengzhou Yifan has pebbles in sand and gravel crushing production line and establish a good reputation in the field, this is crushing plant customers tangible results.

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