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Rock crushing machine toward the development of artificial intelligence direction

Rock crushing machine toward the development of artificial intelligence direction conducive to the present era is the era of information , which information technology has four major characteristics , namely, intelligence , electronic , globalization , non- group oriented . Unmanned automated face mining the direction of development of the mining of underground or dangerous environment , but also protect the face effective way of safe mining . The use of mining science, automation technology , communication technology , computer science and technology , automated unmanned working face of basic theoretical research and develop new technologies, new equipment .At present , many industries have entered the information, of course, the mining machinery industry also followed the pace of development of the times , and gradually toward the intelligent direction , so as to continue with international standards, and standards with the level of social development .

The rock crushing machine development and technological progress of mankind , closely related to modern science and technology and the overall industrial level is closely linked with the development of the science of mechanical engineering and mining disciplines . The forefront of modern science and technology with the time domain, realm, and dynamic characteristics . Information science, materials science, life science, nano-science, management science and manufacturing science is to change the mainstream science of the 21st century , the resulting high-tech industry will change the world .Cross- integration between the different scientific generate new scientific focus , economic development and social progress of mining machinery to generate new demands and expectations . The general trend of mechanical engineering science will be digital, intelligent , precision , miniaturization , life and ecology . Mining machinery as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines , but also follow this general trend . Meanwhile, the combination of the characteristics of the mining industry , its development trend is digital, intelligent , ecological and amenity of Mining machinery manufacturing industry should continue to integrate into the human outstanding achievements in various fields , major demand for national economic construction , the guidance of scientific concept of development to achieve sustainable development .

Chinese rock crushing compared to the overall level of the machine with the international advanced level are still gaps. In the journey towards the mining machinery manufacturing power , opportunities and challenges . Product design is the soul of manufacturing , product structure , function , quality, cost, delivery time , and manufacturability , maintainability , scrap processing, and the relationship of man, machine and environment , in principle, are in the product design stage decision. The design capacity of product innovation has become the primary factor in deciding the position in the global competition .

Technical content and high integrated equipment is broken machine , the human development of new equipment integration in all fields results in, materials science, manufacturing processes , information technology, advances in computer technology , each a product has new technologies into the parts of the update cycle is getting shorter , the new equipment and updating faster and faster , especially the development of large-scale mining machinery , mature experience to draw on , and does not allow the design of any mistakes and must therefore be with the integration of multidisciplinary technologies to improve the design efficiency and design quality , enhance independent innovation capability and market competitiveness .

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