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The rock crusher how to solve the relationship between quality and price

Rock Crusher sales by product quality and price of the two aspects of mining machinery market as a whole is relatively stable , with the rising prices of steel prices , the price of ore , the price of construction materials , some of the major business impact great , but for some small businesses , to a large extent by the constraints . The Yifan Heavy crusher Recently sales , were analyzed and summarized the following factors affect the price .

The first is the instability of the steel market , steel prices rebounded , with the beginning of the market with plenty of funds directly push up futures prices of steel . Money to effect the funding of the new admission has increased the expectations of the market rally , the current steel market stock market trend is becoming increasingly serious , and this change will lead to changes in the pattern of steel trading operation .

Followed by lack of market confidence , this year's wave of market is low due to the small and medium-sized traders enter the market procurement , the procurement of energy focused on the release , steel control homeopathic delivery , resulting in the shortage of market size , and then pulled the entire market benchmark price . No significant change in the main supply and demand side , this wave is driven to rely on market expectations .

Yifan Heavy Industries, manufacturers of similar market and found that recently a number of steel mills and traders have their own long-term contract amount and the agreement amount in advance to the market , in fact, this is a signal , indicating that the market for steel price outlook divisive , and bearish forces gradually increase, so late the market trend should be careful, not to be overly optimistic . In the next period of time , due to the impact of steel prices , the price of crusher would have some growth . Of course , impact crusher pricing factors change , businesses need to buy a crusher equipment , consulting offer more price information is necessary .

The Yifan Heavy mining machinery equipment of high technical content and integrated development of the new equipment will continue to integrate into the human research, materials science, manufacturing processes , information technology, advances in computer technology , Yifan Heavy each a product of new technology into the parts of the update cycle is getting shorter and faster and faster , new equipment and updating .
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